Gulfstream Enhances Customer Design Process and Training Through Advanced Technology

Gulfstream Enhances Customer Design Process and Training Through Advanced Technology

Immersive Reality Tools Provide Customers With Full Flight Deck and Cabin Experiences
Gulfstream Enhances Customer Design Process and Training Through Advanced Technology
October 09, 2017 (Savannah, GA) —

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. today announced it is enhancing the interior-design process and maintenance training by leveraging immersive reality tools that complement the personalized offerings available to new and current aircraft owners.

The Gulfstream G500 immersive reality suites feature the Symmetry Flight DeckTM with the company’s exclusive active control sidesticks. With simulations launched through a virtual reality headset, the experience conveys the tactile, easy-to-use nature of Gulfstream’s newest flight deck.

Moving into the cabin, customers can explore Gulfstream’s new interior-design aesthetics that serve as launch points for executing the complete interior-design process. The immersive reality experience gives participants the ability to dynamically visualize the floor plan configuration options and myriad design possibilities.

“The Gulfstream customer journey begins long before aircraft delivery,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “With these immersive reality experiences, we have combined our continued investment in technology with our relentless drive to tailor every aspect of the ownership experience to ensure we continue exceeding our customers’ expectations. These technological advances provide a nice complement to the human touch customers get from our team of highly skilled interior designers and completions executives. The result is innovative and hands-on attention that will ensure a seamless, enjoyable outfitting process and enriching training opportunities throughout aircraft ownership.”

The immersive reality experiences are accompanied by Gulfstream’s interior-design resources and a 3-D automatic virtual environment, known as a CAVE. In the CAVE, hand-crafted, bespoke upholsteries, flooring and veneer options and traditional drawings are brought to life in the virtual environment through different floor-plan configurations and a demonstration of how they can be tailored for a range of mission requirements. In-production Gulfstream interiors and their design options can be simulated in the CAVE, resulting in a virtual customization process that puts customers in their aircraft long before it takes flight.

Gulfstream’s immersive reality tools also include the Gulfstream G650 and G650ER for maintenance training. Gulfstream’s Total Technical Training curriculum in immersive reality addresses several maintenance processes. Donning a virtual reality headset, visitors can remove cabin sidewall and flooring panels to reveal systems and experience interactive training processes that help promote safety and dispatch reliability.

The Gulfstream-designed virtual immersive experiences are on display at the 2017 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition and featured at the Gulfstream exhibit (booth N5132) in the Las Vegas Convention Center and at Gulfstream’s static display at Henderson Executive Airport.

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