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Aircraft Completions Satisfaction
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With ever-more complex aircraft available to you, the process of fitting out an aircraft cabin is also more complex. The intricacies of the product and process mean that you – the prospective buyer – need a strong support team in place. But who exactly can you turn to for advice?
Buying Your First Bizliner
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Business jets save time and give you direct access to more than 5,000 airports in the United States alone – more than ten times the number served by commercial airlines. Each aircraft make and model is designed to satisfy specific, defined trip profiles: from light jets carrying up to six comfortably on trips of 1,200 miles or less, to...
Dual Controls
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Years ago, a company aircraft was used primarily by the chief executive and a few senior people. Today, business aircraft operate more as middle management transportation vehicles, increasing corporate efficiency by reaching airports not served by the airlines – but that’s just what’s visible.
Don’t Count Out the OEMs
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As residual aircraft values continue to drop, many companies and individuals with a history of buying new aircraft look to the resale markets to update their aircraft.
The Mod Squad
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Business aircraft – manufactured to the same specifications as commercial airliners – are a good investment, built to last 20 to 30 years. When it comes time to upgrade your aircraft, you can buy new, or you can consider aftermarket modifications.
Better Audit, Better Odds
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Upon entering the Navy following graduation, I learned of the tradition of awarding the Battle “E” Award as recognition of “Effectiveness”: sustained operational performance and continuous readiness demonstrated by a ship and crew achieved during subsequent qualifying periods of review.
Protecting Your Purchase Decision
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Buying your first turbine aircraft is both exciting and challenging. In addition to the myriad of details your broker or dealer will give you, three require your special attention.
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