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Angelika Ayala – Freestream Aircraft LTD
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I am an experienced business professional and entrepreneur. I cover all aspects of aircraft brokerage, acquisition, marketing, sales, import/export and maintenance review of your aircraft. My specialty is medium...
Don Berry – Freestream Aircraft LTD
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Don joined Freestream in 2010 after a thirty-year career in finance and banking in the Northeast. From 2002 through 2009 he was a Director of Aircraft Finance for Wachovia...
Rene Changtin – jetAVIVA
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Prior experience includes business jet technical sales and customer relationship management, handling qualities design & testing for the Challenger 300 business jet, CSeries airliner Fly-by-Wire control law development as...
Dustin Cordier, Managing Partner, jetAVIVA
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Dustin is attracted to people with bold ideas. He is our team coach and zen-warrior. On his 30th birthday his cousin, Ken, told him, “your next 6 years are...
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Jason initially fell in love with aviation at an early age accompanying his father on business trips around the world. After graduating from Texas Tech University, Jason established a...
Ben Dow – jetAVIVA
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Ben Dow grew up at the airport through a family aviation business. He is a second generation aviation professional and was formerly the Director of Aircraft Sales at FirstFlight...
Robin Eissler – jetAVIVA
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Robin Eissler oversees operations and sales at jetAVIVA and has more than twenty years experience in aircraft sales. She was formerly the President and CEO of Jet Quest, Inc...
Amy Heaven – jetAVIVA
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Known for her tireless work ethic and sharp wit, Amy has built a strong following over the years, with customers returning time and time again to buy or sell...
Jade Hofeldt – jetAVIVA
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Jade was first introduced to the world of Aviation as a child through her grandfather, and she knew then it was her calling. Jade is a graduate of Purdue...
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Mike utilizes his business aviation sales and management acumen to help both his clients and industry colleagues; he recently served on the Board of Directors of the Greater Washington...
25 results - showing 1 - 10
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