Avionica Earns AML STC for miniQAR/avCM on Light Jets

Avionica Earns AML STC for miniQAR/avCM on Light Jets

Delivering the right Data Management Solution for Part 23 Aircraft
April 12, 2018 (Miami, FL) —

Avionica in collaboration with L2 Aviation, the company has earned Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certificate (AML-STC) from the FAA for miniQAR (Quick Access Recorder) and avCM (Cellular Module). The new AML STC is for Part 23 aircraft, opening the door for aircraft like HondaJet, Pilatus PC-12, Phenom 300 and others to get these capabilities that have traditionally been used in air transport category aircraft.

“The miniQAR Mk III packs a lot of recording capability into a very small package,” said Avionica Sales Vice President Anthony Rios. “We pioneered miniaturized QAR’s for aviation and now, with wireless transfer capabilities, build in solid-state reliability, 3,000 hours of recording capacity, and easy installation, operators of light jets can take advantage of our industry-leading data management capability.”

The solution certified by L2 Aviation couples the miniQAR MkIII with Avionca’s new avCM Cellular Module, enabling operators to get automated QAR data offloaded to their preferred ground systems or Avionica’s hosted avSYNC cloud-based server. Adding even greater value, the miniQAR MKIII supports on-ground internet access for IFE systems, EFB updates, and operational datalinks over a 4G network.

“There is growing demand for solutions offered by the miniQAR and avCM, no matter the aircraft size or operational profile. Our certification team capitalized on existing Avionica certifications for data management equipment in completing this AML STC,” said L2 Aviation’s Vice President of Operations Dean Rudolph. “It was a great pleasure working with the Avionica team to expand their air transport solutions into the small aircraft market.”

Avionica’s next generation battery-free avCM 4G Wireless Module enables operators to customize download methods to best fit their FOQA/FDM programs and schedule requirements. It includes a multi-band 4G Cellular Module that transfers data on demand with worldwide coverage. The 4G transfer speed means the fastest data transmission without any infrastructure investment and is ideal for high-performance global roaming, with field proven numbers of 100 percent flight data transmission.

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